Therese Bollaart

Therese Bollaart Sports/Relax, Inf/Preg, Hot Stone (MIMT)

I have been a Therapist in my own business for the past 15 years.  I have specialised in deep tissue sports massage and have worked with many professional athletes in the fields of Tennis, Football, Athletics, Swimming and Cycling. I have also worked with many children and adults with disabilities.

In the past I have personally been involved in many sporting events such as Oxfam Trailwalk and Fun Runs and Equestrian events and know the benefits of massage in preparation and post event for muscle and body recovery.

We have 3 children who count their blessings that both their parents can massage their bodies.  Our 2 girls are runners and our son is heavily into tennis amongst every other sport they can think of and try!

Massage Services available:

Sports, Deep Tissue, Relaxation and Pregnancy & Infant


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